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Fresh Berlin Life Guides, Companies Hiring, & The €9 Transit Ticket

published11 days ago
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Happy Montag! Today, we're here with a super quick recap about what's been happening with The Berlin Life recently.

1) Our newest Berlin Life guides include:

2) A couple of our guides have been updated as well:

  • Berlin Life Hacks - Our Berlin Life hacks advise you on where to get groceries, best transit options, where to open a bank account, find a locksmith, & more
  • Ways You Can Help Ukrainians In Berlin - Ways to help Ukrainians in Berlin. Learn where to volunteer, donate money and other goods, sign-up to host, be a mentor, & more.

3) Companies hiring in Berlin right now include Realtainment, Vaayu, CashCape, & Sauce Labs.

4) Great news for those living in Germany! To help combat rising costs of ... pretty much everything, the government is introducing a €9 ticket that will allow unlimited local public transport and even on some trains across Germany for three months. For example, if you live in Berlin, you can use that ticket to make a trip to the Baltic Sea to lovely places like Warnemünde.

5) As there's a labour shortage in Germany, it's going to leave thousands of apprenticeship opportunities available.

If you have questions about moving to Berlin and finding work, as always, be sure to browse our website or join or thriving Facebook group for discussions.

💖 Until next time!

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