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More and more people get information off of social media apps like Tiktok and Instagram. Even when it comes to making big life changes like moving to Germany and finding work. While there are some amazing content creators out there, like Uyen Ninh for example, there are others out there with questionable motives and qualifications.

Many content creators publish superficial videos that are short on accurate or detailed information. They make it about themselves, how they look, and show off the "amazing" life they've made for themselves in Germany. They use contrived filters to make themselves look flawless, to the point you wouldn't recognize them in real life. They go to great lengths to stage their videos and often play into some ridiculous viral trend. They do sponsored posts where you watch them unbox the latest thing they were gifted with, like a fancy watch. Some make it a point to show off their affluent lifestyles, flaunting their massive apartments in central districts that costs thousands monthly in rent, their nights out at Soho house (where of course they are members), or their latest luxury purchase.

They care more about what gets them likes, makes them money, and helps them become famous on the internet. Their focus is on them and not on the people they claim to serve - their audience or customers, the real everyday people who want to know how they can move to Germany and find work too.

Aside from that, many of them downplay the reality of what it's like to work here, how everything is getting really expensive with inflation, or won't even touch issues like the war in Ukraine and how it's impacting everyone. They discard the notion they're contributing to gentrification and making Berlin unliveable and unaffordable for many others. They avoid these things entirely because they won’t garner as many likes. They think that staying overtly positive is part of their brand. Even when it boils down to plain old toxic positivity.

They don’t take into account that people’s experiences can differ when it comes to finding work, looking for a flat, or being able to settle into life in Germany so easily. Not everyone is going to find a job right away, many people don't have enough money to move here without finding a job first, others might have a hard time finding a flat or a Kita, and so much more.

Then there are those who simply copy or steal information from other content creators, often doling out incorrect or outdated advice because they didn't take the time to properly research a topic. For example, telling people that photos are needed for CVs or that adding your marital status to your CV is a must when it's not.

Even worse are those who claim to be an expert with almost zero qualifications or experience. They think that moving somewhere once and finding a job once qualifies them as coaches or teachers. Never mind that coaches and teachers generally have to study and work hard to qualify as such. This logic is also inherently flawed - say I cooked a certain dish for the first time. After cooking that dish once, does that qualify me as a chef or get me a job in a Michelin star restaurant? No, it doesn't and the same applies to content creators. Yet they go on to sell "coaching services" and "master classes" on moving to Germany and finding work.

What makes a good content creator and one that you can trust? Someone who:

  • Puts their customers first and doesn’t make it about themselves.
  • Tells you about the realities of life in Germany and how hard it can be. They, of course, tell you how awesome it can be too. 🚀
  • Researches topics and offers up accurate content.
  • Presents original thought and doesn't rob content from others.
  • Has legitimate experience or qualifications.
  • Takes criticism and owns up to when they're wrong.
  • Responds to comments from their audience and doesn’t ignore them.
  • Cares about where they move, acknowledges their impact, and genuinely desires to make the place better having lived there.

So where can you get reliable sources of information when it comes to moving to Germany and finding work? You can find it with:

  1. The welcome team at Because Berlin
  2. Official government websites like
  3. Local blogs like Settle in Berlin, All About Berlin, and of course us, The Berlin Life. 🙃 And these blogs too. As well, as these podcasts.
  4. Relocation companies that employ people who are actually qualified experts. Why spend a €100 on a coaching session with an influencer or €800 on a so-called master class when you can pay people who actually know their stuff?
  5. Immigration lawyers who can guarantee you'll get your visa.

Yes, it's a bit of a rant today, but know I wrote this because I care and want people to get the best experience when planning their move here or conducting their job search. I also don't want you to waste your money.

If you have any further questions, reply to the email and I'll do my best to help you out. ❤️

Until next time,

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