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How Much Does It Cost To Move To Germany? Use Our Calculator!

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Guess what? By popular demand, we have a new guide up on The Berlin Life about the costs associated with a move to Germany.

How Much Does It Cost To Move To Germany? This is a question that naturally comes up for anyone thinking about about moving to Germany. There are many different costs to consider, like travel, moving, flat, visa, and other miscellaneous things. Aside from the typical costs, you also need to think about savings to cover moving home expenses should you need to leave the country suddenly or if you’re coming to Germany on a job seeker’s visa, having enough cash on hand to cover your expenses until you find work.

As everyone’s economic and personal situation differs, there is no set amount or “magical formula” that will tell you about just how much it costs to move to Germany. For example, people may arrive in Germany alone and others will come with their spouse and children. Some are more affluent and will want to live in a large, centrally located, penthouse. Certain German cities are more expensive than others, with Frankfurt and Munich being more pricey than Berlin. Car enthusiasts will go so far, as to ship their vehicle to Germany. As you can see, there are multiple factors that influence just how much money you need to move to Germany meaning that it’s no easy feat to determine a precise financial figure that will cover both expected and unforeseen costs. However, you can figure out an approximate amount by knowing what you need to consider.

To help you plan your finances and a budget that works for you individually, The Berlin Life is now offering this FREE Move To Germany Calculator. This calculator will ensure you have a realistic and comfortable financial plan in place before making your big move, ensuring a smoother and more stressful relocation experience.

Note, at the moment the calculator only includes moving expense. We'll add in first month living expenses to the guide shortly.

I hope this guide is helpful for planning your move over to Deutschland!

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