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Is German Important for my job search? Meet my teammate! And other community news.

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Hi there everyone -

Good morning everyone! We're happy to be back in your mailbox with news from the The Berlin Life.

1) One of the most common questions we get “Are there English speaking jobs in Germany?” The short answer is, yes. But the better question is “How many jobs require fluent (or some level) of German?” About 95%. That’s a really high number that we can’t ignore. Professions like nursing are in really high demand, but German is 100% required to be permitted to work here. This extends to a number of other professions as well. This also means that the few English jobs that are on the market, have a huge competition for them. Not only are internationals applying, Germans (who also know English) are applying for those same jobs. This is why our top tip will always, always, always be to LEARN GERMAN. It's an essential skill to not only finding a job, but being successful at life here. 🚀

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2) Do you know that there's another team member besides myself behind The Berlin Life? Meet Burt Reynolds (the cat), my energetic, adorable, and most hilarious office companion. Yes, I named him after the actor due to his moustache and beard combination. He's a five year old rescue from Poland who's been with me since March of this year. 😻

3) Our community continues to grow and we couldn't be more excited. i.e. Traffic to our website has doubled since the summer as Google is finally showing us some love. This means that there will be more partnership opportunities that we can share with you. Stay tuned to some cool things coming soon.

4) While we don't have any new content to share today, here's some other helpful items we've recently shared in our Facebook group:

  • Find a place to work In Berlin where you can make a difference
  • We recommend joining us on Discord, which is a bit like Slack, but where we can have better conservations as a group than on Facebook where our reach is really limited.
  • This official Berlin website is a treasure trove of information about finding work in Berlin.
  • If you want tips on how to find a job and practice your interview skills, join this meetup group.
  • What are your chances of finding work in Germany? Use this "quick check" tool from Make it in Germany to find out!
  • Companies like Mbition and 3T are hiring in Berlin right now.
  • I updated one of our most popular articles with new meetup groups to help you make friends in Berlin.

5) Last but not least check out our website for all the ways we can help you!

That's all for now! Wishing you a great week ahead.

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