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Join Our Workshop To Learn How To Create A CV To Get You Noticed By German Employers

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Exciting news! The Berlin Life is offering a workshop about how to create a CV (resumé) that will get you noticed by German employers.

Have you been applying for jobs in Germany and are finding that you're not getting any responses? Are you even aware of the norms for job applications in Germany? Do you find the various guides out there confusing and outdated?

I can help you! I'm an experienced career coach who's been living and working in Berlin for more than 10 years. My personal mission is to help you create a CV that tells a compelling story about who you are, the unique things you offer, and why a company should hire you.

These are some of the topics we'll cover in the workshop:

  • How much personal information you should share or not share to avoid bias
  • Whether or not to include a photo
  • How long or short the CV should be
  • How to make your CV look professional and visually appealing
  • Whether or not to write it in German (even if you don't speak German)
  • How to strategically use key words that gets you noticed by algorithms but not sound like a robot
  • Whether or not CVs should be personalised for job applications
  • How to share your accomplishments without selling like you're bragging
  • Mixing responsibilities and accomplishments when detailing your past work
  • Key elements to include on a CV, as well as other optional elements
  • Creating a good "about me" statement
  • How to approach career breaks and changes
  • What to do when you don't have so much experience
  • How to approach a diverse career background and show you have a clear forward direction

Not only this, we'll leave time for some Q & A where you can ask questions about moving to Germany.

Tickets to this exclusive event are €10.99. Seats are limited, so sign-up before the spots are gone!

Can't wait to see you there!

Cheryl Howard - Founder of The Berlin Life

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