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New & Updated Berlin Life Guides, News In Germany, & An Upcoming Event

published16 days ago
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Greetings from Berlin! Let's quickly recap about what's been happening with The Berlin Life recently.

1) We have one brand new Berlin Life guide up on the website:

2) We've also updated a number of existing guides:

3) Some recent news in Germany:

4) Do you want to know what it's like to work in Germany? Then join our free online event on Monday, June 27 @ 18:00 CET where I'll answer our community's questions about working in Germany. RSVP now. Also, our form is still open for you to submit your questions.

5) Our Facebook group has been full of lots of good discussions recently, as well as many new job postings (like this one). Be sure to join us there to connect with others who are looking for work in Berlin or already live here.

💖 Take care and see you in the next one!

Founder - The Berlin Life