The Berlin Life Has A New Website, AI powered Cover Letters, & Other News

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Guten tag Reader -

Hallo from Berlin! Super stoked about this week's newsletter as I've lots of exciting information to share. πŸ’•

News on The Berlin Life front:

  • I've redesigned the website from top to bottom! It has a whole new look and feel, and is organized to help you easily find the content you're looking for. ➑️ Take a look at the main page, our Berlin Life Guides page, and our Your Career In Berlin page.
  • You can continue to find more information about career coaching.
  • I've added two new services! For the budget conscious, you can get a CV/cover letter quick review. You can also book a session with me to ask me anything and everything about moving to Germany for work with a mentor hour.
  • Our community continues to grow as we have 8,288 Facebook fans and 1,554 on the mailing list. πŸ₯³

A new Berlin Life guide:

  • ​FAQ: Unsolicited (or Cold) Applications In Germany - Many jobs aren’t publicly advertised on company websites. Read our FAQ and find work by submitting unsolicited applications in Germany. ➑️ I took last week's newsletter and turned it into a proper guide you can go back to for future reference.

Weigh in on relevant issues:

  • I'd love to know what you think about working and living in Germany and then share it back with our community. So I've created a "poll of the week" where I'll ask different questions each week.
  • The first question is: What do you think about cover letters? Vote in our poll! It will only take a few seconds to add your input.
  • I'll share the results in next week's newsletter.

AI Be Crazy πŸ€–

Companies hiring in Germany right now:

Submit jobs:

  • Sharing is caring, as they say. If you know of any good jobs or companies that are hiring right now, email me and I'll include it in a future newsletter. πŸš€

Happenings in Germany:

Our standard bits:

Reader, I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

See you in the next one,

Founder - The Berlin Life​

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