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The Best Cover Letter Advice You'll Ever Get ... Like, Really

published3 months ago
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Hope you’re having a good week so far! Today we’re back with some rock-solid advice about how to create a really good cover letter that will help you land a job. We know that creating a cover letter can be really stressful, so we're here to take that away and make your job searching a wee bit easier.

Let’s get right into it by looking at a specific role, that of a product manager. These are typical responsibilities for a product manager, taken from a real job ad recently posted by a Berlin-based company:

  1. Track record of successfully launching and constantly improving innovative products
  2. 4+ years of experience in product management with a proven history of delivering results
  3. Generate customer insights through experimentation and help internal stakeholders to make smarter decisions

When you see points like this in a job description, you need to show potential employers that you can meet or exceed their expectations on each one by telling a short story that will intrigue them and make them want to read your CV or even better invite you for an interview.

You can do this by giving examples of times when you’ve done these things and the results it yielded. Using two of three examples from your past or current career will help you create a compelling narrative.

To help you easily remember how to tell your story, follow this formula:

<Point in job description> + <example> + <result>

By repeating this formula two to three times, you’ll have a nice story in front of you that could read something like this:

I’ve five years of experience in product management, with a proven track record of evolving my products in an agile fashion and delivering feature improvements that are both pleasing to the customer and generate increased revenues.

At ABC Company, I worked with a team of five software engineers to launch a new sales funnel on our website. Through A/B testing over a period of 30 days, we were able to determine which funnel had the highest conversion rate. The new sales funnel resulted in a 10% increase in sales within the first week.

When I worked at DEF company, I led an effort with the sales and marketing departments to quickly launch a number of MVPs improvements to our app so we could explore ways to increase customer sign-ups. Over a period of 3 months, we experimented with 5 MVPs, using the insights to identify two strong winners which ultimately yielded an overall 25% increase in new user sign-ups.

Can you see how each of the points was addressed, how examples were included and results were specified?

We hope this will help you as you’re applying for jobs in Germany! For more information, be sure to check out our more in-depth cover letter guide.

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