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The Reality Of Finding Work In Berlin, Or Germany Itself, Right Now

published22 days ago
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Hallo Reader -

Happy Monday! Today, we're here with a short message to let you know that we've just done a BIG update to our guide on the reality of finding work in Berlin, or Germany itself, right now.

The Berlin Life covers the usual hurdles you may need to overcome when looking for work here, like bias, language, and additional educational requirements.

We also address the world as it is right now, in terms of inflation, the war in Ukraine, supply chain delays, and how things are looking in Germany at the moment. We're not going to lie, we're in a pretty serious situation.

We go into detail about what this means for anyone wanting to move here right now, the impact it might have on your employment prospects, as well as related financial stability and job security.

Of course, we provide further advice about how to overcome the various obstacles and how we remain steadfast that it's still worth moving here right now.

Read it now: The Reality Of Finding Work In Berlin In 2022

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