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What To Expect When You Resign Or Get Let Go From Your Job In Germany

published13 days ago
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One of our recent newsletter blasts was about Germany's long notice periods, where instead of giving two weeks notice when you resign like you would in countries such as the United States, you may have to give 30, 60, or even, up to 90 days notice.

We ended up turning that blast into a waaaay more comprehensive article. Instead of only focusing on how things work when you resign, we also examine what happens when you get dismissed. Given the frequency of layoffs these days (Shopify just laid off 10% of their workforce yesterday - including people working in Europe), it's important to know your rights as an employee in Germany.

We highlight various things like:

  • How long notice periods are in Germany and how it's further impacted by how long you worked at the company
  • Why these long notice periods are beneficial for everyone involved
  • How notice periods differ by employment type - i.e. full-time employee vs. someone on probation or working part-time
  • When employers can dismiss you and what rights you have as an employee in Germany
  • What to expect when you resign (including a sample resignation letter template)

Give it a read: What You Need To Know About Notice Periods In Germany

We hope you find this new article useful and help you become familiar with the workplace landscape in Germany. If you have further questions, hit reply to this email and I'll do my best to assist.

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