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Where To Look For Jobs In Berlin

published3 months ago
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There are numerous job search websites and Facebook groups for finding work in Berlin and we profile more than 100 of one of them in our blog post, “What Are The Best Berlin Job Search Websites?”

With so many options on the menu, where should you focus your efforts? What are the job search websites that employers actually use? In my 10+ years of living in Germany, I’ve almost always found my jobs through LinkedIn. Many employers strive to have a presence on the platform, not only posting about jobs, but news about the company and even profiles of people who work there. If you’re going to have a profile anywhere, this is the place. Other than LinkedIn, the “usual suspects” also work - with Xing (Germany's homegrown version of LinkedIn) and Indeed being the other places you should have a profile.

The other job search websites tend to contain the exact same postings, so while you can use them to search and apply for jobs, you only need to have profiles on the main ones. Keep your profile updated with your latest experiences and accomplishments, make your profile discoverable, and last but not least, setup alerts to receive notifications for new job postings.

On top of all of this, Berlin also has numerous Facebook groups (like ours) where employers post about opportunities. While many of them have turned into spam repositories over time, there are some good ones out there where you can find legitimate opportunities and a supportive community. You can also post in many of those groups that you're looking for work and people may get in touch with an opportunity.

Aside from job search websites, one of the best things you can do is to just let people know you’re searching for a job.

One way to do is to tell people about it social media. When my team was laid off in 2015, I posted on Twitter about what had happened and mentioned that I was looking for work. My tweet was shared numerous times and I got a handful of interviews, and even offers, as a result of people’s kindness.

Another way is through networking IRL. Whether you’re at a social event or a professional networking event like a startup meetup, let people know you’re looking for work during conversation. I once found some longterm freelance work by attending a foodie event.

This simple act of letting people know you’re job hunting can help immensely, as they can inform you about opportunities that aren’t even open to the public yet. What’s more, employee referrals are usually given a priority over cold leads and your chance to get an interview will be even higher.

So bottomline, don’t underestimate the power of your network when searching for a job.

I hope this latest newsletters helps you out as you continue looking for work in Germany. If you have more questions, start a discussion in our Facebook group or browse through our free career guides.

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